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Our Approach

Maximize Potential

It’s one thing to have a vision. It’s another to have the expertise to execute it. That’s where Maven excels. Locationally sensitive and price driven, we identify our audience and customer to create a product that meets and exceeds their needs and expectations.

Each building is artfully updated with finesse, and because of our keen understanding of audience, our properties experience lower turnover ultimately resulting in better profit margins.

Strategic Financing.

What makes us unique is our creative approach in identifying off-market opportunities by dealing directly with owners or local trusted brokers.  Working through various networks and strategic tactics, we purchase properties outside of the regular process which reduces front-end costs. We have a savvy replacement cost approach and a proven ability to think outside the box to ensure we’re getting the most value for every dollar spent. 

Our team is highly experienced with a number of different creative financing approaches and tactics such as historical tax credits, TIF financing, and other available government programs. These thoughtful and strategic approaches result in an overall higher return on investment for our investors.  

Highest and Best Use to Maximize Return

Maven specializes in repositioning assets for their highest and “best-use”.  Whether embarking on a new construction project, a gut-rehab, or converting a historic office tower to a 4.5 star hotel, we deliver optimal value to our customer and our investor.

Our business model is built for success through a commitment to quality. We carefully evaluate every project to deliver the best return by:

  • Partnering with “best-in-class” vendors and agencies  
  • Competitive bidding and aggressive cost control of materials and labor  
  • Strong relationships with local construction teams and city officials  
  • Completing the construction phase in accelerated timelines (typically 9-18 months)  
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